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Selasa, 17 Juli 2012

Smoking Should be Banned in Public Places

Introduction Nowadays, many people are smokers. Not only adults, but also young people and moreover children are smokers too. They think that smoking is cool and can make them seem more viril. It worries parents a lot and also people who work in medical area. However, is this matter quite affecting governmental issue? Contents Even more cases of disease related to smoking are increasing in health services, many people thought that smoking does not significantly correlate to disease. They reason that certain people who are heavy smokers are still living healthily. Whereas, our previous minister of health is a non smoker and she suffered from lung cancer. Those data are enough to make them think that smoking does not positively correlate with lung cancer. So why should they stop smoking and why should the government ban smoking in public places? In theory, passive smokers have the same risk of disease as active smokers. With this consideration, many people also think that doing harm to other people who do not smoke by its smoke is not suitable with the rule of human right. That is why smoking in public places should be banned. We appreciate people who smoke because it is their right, but other people who do not smoke must be taken into consideration too. The role of government is crucial in this matter. There is no tough regulation that serves to reduce smokers in Indonesia. Moreover many cigarette companies plays important roles in developing this country too. They are present in many aspects like education system (by providing scholarships), music industry (by sponsoring events), and so on. This is actually an important decision by government whether they want to have better health for their citizens or only put money as an important thing. Conclusion Smoking problems are so dilemmatic. May cigarette industry have already played important roles in the development of this country. However, human right aspect where people who do not smoke have the right to inhale air without smoke is important to be considered too.

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