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Selasa, 17 Juli 2012

A discussion of health service management in Indonesia and its effect to the number of Indonesian citizens who go abroad for seeking medical treatment

Indonesia is a large country with more than 200 billion inhabitans. The number of people who have illness are abundance too. They actually have to get good medical services in their own country. However why may of them are seeking medical treatments abroad? One important cause is the lack of good health service management in Indonesia. Many doctors have good personal capacity but they do not work in a good team. Besides, our medical facilities are left behind and may hospitals only have conventional medical equipments. How can we do medical service better from years to years if we do not manage those problems with a better health service management? Health service management becomes an important issue of Indonesia government vision. As happens in US, Obama put a better health service management as his vision that he will struggle for. In Indonesia, our government also does almost similar thing in which we have a big concern about. We will run the national health coverage in 2014. By having a better health service management, our citizens do not need to find a better medical services abroad, and they can improve their trust to their nation.

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