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Kamis, 23 Oktober 2008

My big passions

My big passions

Last night, I opened a website of someone extraordinary. It really motivated me to do more. I was thinking of my merits are not comparable with it. Many people have more achievements that colouring their life. I’m still nothing. I think I have wasted my life time by just sleeping, dreaming, and neglecting my bulk ideas, and being too permissive for my self. Now I really want to change myself for the better..I have to concentrate in achieving my plans in life, and especially finishing my tasks before deadline. And by this, the next plans in my life are :

Applying masters scholarships to Germany and Netherland (Nov-February)
To be active in IFMSA theme team (first online meeting will be Oct 26)
Applying to be IFMSA global health official (deadline Nov 7)
To get higher TOEFL score
Making international joint projects (target : to attend in international meeting)
Indonesia-Sudan (its still being postponed since last year , I have been in touch with Mhd Eltaher, Sudan, O MG….)
Setting up BPN in campus
Seeking for IFMSA new agents in campus

Dear God, please I seek divine guidance to make me realize the number of plans that I have in life and to achive what I have aimed for.

Nov 24 2008, 11.45.
In the coassistent room at RSHA

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nice blog bang opiii...



ophey mengatakan...

@Memes : makasih mes.. :-) keep writing